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Area Marketing Office

General Information Production profile For the tear 2014-15

Area & Production of 5 Major Fruit Crops of District Udhampur

Market Infrastructure

Business turnover of new fruit & Vegetable Market

Market Functionaries Operating in the Mandi Growers Apni Mandies Success Story & Schemes Staff Detail

 The Government has declared Horticulture as a thrust areas and embarked on very ambitions schemes like :-
i.    To advise and assist in the formulation of Development plans of the horticulture sector
ii.    To organize promotion and publicity for better marketing of fruits and vegetables
iii.    To provide market intelligence and information to the fruit and vegetable growers and those involved in the trade and distribution of these commodities
iv.    To conduct or get conducted economic and market studies relating to production distribution and, utilization of horticultural produce
v.    To coordinate efforts for providing facilities at different dispatch, distribution and marketing centers.
vi.    To supervise and regulate the grading and packing 
of horticulture produce
vii.    To assess and solve problems involved in the marketing, distribution and utilization of horticultural produce and 
viii.    To organize and supervise Fruit Growers Cooperative Marketing and Processing Societies


Department Introduction of the District


Name of the Department: Area & Marketing

District Head Name & Designation: Varinder Kumar, Area Marketing Officer

Contact Details            09419162030,
No. of Satellite Fruit & Vegetable Markets

01 (Kallar Himati, Udhampur).


No. of Growers Apni Mandies (Developed)

01 ( at Gharian).


No. of Growers Cooperative Marketing Societies 18 No