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  * Training Programmed:-


        The scheme envisages providing craft training, both elementary and advance, to trainees specially unemployed women/girls in 15 Handicraft Training Centres across Udhampur. During the training period stipend @500/- & Rs 700/-per trainee under elementary and advanced courses respectively is provided to the trainees. The intake capacity of each training centres is of 25 trainees. The main objective of the training programme is to increase the employability rate among the women/girls population by imparting them skill training so that they can start their own economic venture.   



* State Awards to Masters Craftsmen:-


        For encouragement of the Artisans, the outstanding craftsmen are awarded at State/National level.


* Holding of Workshop:-


        The Department has been organising workshops and orientation programme on skill development, motivation & career counseling also for the staff as well as for the trainees from time to time. The purpose is to 

         keep the staff and the trainees constantly updated with new trends of craft teaching-learning as well as acquire new skills in the field of handicrafts.


* Registration of Handicraft dealers under Tourists Trade Act:-


           In order to check selling of spurious and fake handicraft items, the Department also registers Handicrafts dealers especially those in the declared tourist areas like Mansar and Patnitop districts under Tourist 

           Trade Act.


* Holdings of Exhibition:-


                     Under this scheme funds are being provided under Annual Plan (State Sector) for holding of handicrafts exhibitions of the department at State/ Divisional / District level in traditional Melaís i.e. Baisakhi Mela at Udhampur, Annual Shiv Parvati Mela at Village Moungri, Annual Sudh Mahadev Mela at Village Sudh Mahadev, Annual Shankri Devta Mela at Village Panchari, Annual Shiv Ratri Mela at Village Khoon etc, to provide marketing opportunities to Handicraft Artisans and Cooperative Societies of the Districts.


* Organization of Special Campaign:-


                      Under this scheme two/three public awareness camps are organised in urban/ rural areas of the districts annually where in general public as well as artisans and trainees of the Handicrafts department are made aware about the benefit of various schemes being run by the Department. The scheme especially focuses on the rural population where women are still confined to homes and have a high percentage of dropouts.


* Formation of industrial cooperative Societies:-


                         The trained artisans/trainees can start their small industrial Cooperative Unit individually or a group of artisans can organise themselves into Handicrafts Industrial Cooperative Society. Organization of artisans into cooperative societies enables them to own infrastructure at local level and establish links with the markets all across the State. Industrial Cooperative Society (Induscos) wing of the Handicraft department is the nodal organization which registers the handicraft cooperative societies formed by the artisans.




* Self Employment to Individual Artisans (Micro Credit Plan):-


        The main objective of this scheme is to provide easy and soft credit facilities to the artisans, weavers, members of the cooperative societies and craftsmen engaged in Handicraft activities to start their independent venture. The scheme envisages 90% financial assistance in the form of loans from various banks/ financial institutions and 10% promotersí contribution for setting of units. The department provides interest subsidy @10% on these loans.


* Artisans Credit Card(ACC):-


                  The Artisans Credit Card scheme has been introduced by Indian Banks Association (IBA) during the current financial year in order to provide hassle free credit facility to artisans. The scheme is approved by RBI. It is a State Govt. Scheme with loan involvement of Rs.1.00 Lac. The interest subsidy @10% is to be provided to the registered Artisans, based on assessment of working capital requirement as well as cost of tools & equipment required for carrying out manufacturing process.


 The department of Handicrafts in District Udhampur has been running 15 training centres in the district where training has been given to the trainees. In these training centres trainees are trained in various crafts viz. Phoolkari Embroidery, Stapple Embroidery, Calico Printing and Carpet Weaving Craft.


1.     Training Centres: 15 training centres are running in the district.

2.     Trainees Trained: 246 trainees have been trained in the year 2014-15.

3.     Registered Artisans: 71 artisans have been registered in the year 2014-15.

4.     Loan cases sponsored: 126 loan cases have been sponsored by the department during the year 2014-15.

5.     Loan cases sanctioned: 40 loan cases have been sanctioned in the year 2014-15.

6.     Loan cases disbursed: 38 loan cases disbursed in the year2014-15.

7.     Amount disbursed: 17.23 lakh has been disbursed to 38 loanees during the year2014-15.

8.     Sale generated: Sale amounting to Rs. 216062.71 have been generated during the year 2014-15.

9.     Production: Finished goods amounting to Rs. 328065.00 have been produced during the year 2014-15.

      Awareness camps: Two awareness camps have been organized by the department during the year 2014-15 in consultation with PRIís and banks. One awareness camp at Village Khoon on 15-11-2014 and other at Village Magyote on 25-02-2015 where general public participated and were made aware about the schemes of the department.

      Work Shop: In Village Prowa Jagir, Barmeen Block Ghordi a workshop for 21 days under Bamboo Craft was organized to make aware the artisans especially the S.C. Community who are already into this business to enhance their skills.

       Local Melas/Exhibitions: The department participated in various Melas/Exhibitions held at district level likes Baisakhi Mela at Devika Ghat Udhampur, Annual Shiv Parvati Mela at Moungri, Annual Sudh Mahadev Mela at Sudh Mahadev, Annual Shankri Devta Mela at Panchari etc.


 CWTC Magyote:

              Out of four Carpet weaving training centres, one being at village Magyote since 01-04-2014 is running successfully with 25 trainees on roll, out of which 8 trainees are male while 17 are females. This training centre is the only centre in the province, where male candidates are undergoing training and have acquired sufficient skill in carpet weaving and are ready to adopt the craft as a means of their livelihood after completion of training.

Success stories of Loanees under Artisan Credit Card Scheme:

 Smt. Bimla Devi W/O Sh. Gopal R/O Village Magyote Tehsil Udhampur

       She is an outstanding Crafts woman artisan practicing the craft of Modern Art and Toy Making. She has been registered with the directorate of Handicrafts Udhampur vide Registration No: ADHU/1003                Dated: 11-04-2014 and has received financial assistance to the tune of Rs. 1.00 lac from J & K Bank Shakti Nagar Udhampur under Artisan Credit Card (A.C.C) scheme. After availing the loan from the department, today she is making a profit of Rs. 40,000/- (approx.) per annum.

 Sh. Harjeet Singh S/O Sh. Balwant Singh R/O Village Garhi Tehsil Udhampur

He is an outstanding Craftsman practicing the craft of Carpet Weaving. He has been registered with the directorate of Handicrafts Udhampur vide Registration No: ADHU/992 Dated: 22-03-2014 and has received financial assistance to the tune of Rs. 0.50 lac from J & K Bank Rehmbal under Artisan Credit Card (A.C.C) scheme.  There are numerous other beneficiaries who have availed the credit facility from banks through department and are earning their livelihood.