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Brief Description of the scheme/work:-

Brief Description of the scheme/work:-

 1. District Plan :- Construction of Store/Waiting shed along with bathroom at Cherry Udhampur

The said work started during the year 2010-11 by the XEN Horticulture (P&M) Jammu against    an estimate of Rs.14.05 Lac .Funds to the tune of Rs.4.40 lac i.e (Rs.2.20 Lac each during 2010-11 & 2011-12 respectively ) & Rs.0.55 Lac during 2012-13 have been released to the concerned XEN for execution of said work.

  2. Catalytic Dev. Programme (CDP)

It is a Centrally sponsored scheme funded by the Central Silk Board Bangalore. The scheme started during the year 2007-08 under the 11th five year plan .Under the said scheme the   beneficiaries(Silk worm rearers)  are identified for supply of rearing kits, Rearing shed/Houses, Women Health Insurance etc. to increase the     production and productivity at farmers level. Apart from this ,mulberry plantation is conducted on state land and private land for increasing the mulberry wealth and quality leaf in the District

 3. Cluster Promotion Programme (CPP)

 It is another Centrally sponsored scheme started from 2009-10 in Tikri area where 150 no. of beneficiaries are identified for supply of rearing kits and shed & other inputs etc for increasing the production and productivity of these sericulture farmers so that this cluster model could be  replicated in another areas of the District.

4.  Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)

This scheme started in the District during the year 2008-09.Under the said scheme improved  variety mulberry cuttings/ seedlings are planted in the selected mulberry nursery of the District for production & multiplication of improved variety mulberry saplings for field plantation. Apart from this    the beneficiaries are provided with the rearing kits and sheds and are also taken for study tour to Karnataka State. This will help in increasing the production and productivity of cocoons at the farmers level thereby increasing their net agriculture income.

 Progress as on date :-
 i. District Plan :- Completed up to wall level
 ii. CDP            :- In progress
 iii.CPP             :- In progress
 iv.RKVY        :- Plantation is complete ,Study tour conducted, CGI sheets supplied but rearing kits awaited.
 v.MGNREGA:-Plantation is complete and the financial part is in progress

 Pics/Photos of Works.
 (a) Completed             :- 
 (b) Ongoing                 :-Enclosed)