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Whom to contact for above Scheme :-


i.     Name  :- Ashwani Kumar Sharma ,Deputy Director
ii.    Designation :- Deputy Director
iii.   Contact Details:-
Mobile :- 9419366488

vi.   How to apply (Target audience/beneficiaries):-
a) For mulberry plantation , the farmers has to furnish a simple application to the concerned Beat watcher/mulberry Assistant of that circle.

 b) For supply of rearing shed , the farmers have to furnish a Nakal of the site ,sign an  affidavit dully attested by the Judicial  Magistrate. Copy enclosed)

 c) Women Health Insurance , For availing this scheme a form supplied by the department is to be filled along with the beneficiary share of  Rs. 55.66 Paisa to be paid to the ICC  Lombard .(Copy enclosed)

 d) Silk worm rearers welfare scheme, Incase of cocoon crop loss (More than 80%) a  assessed by the nominated committee, Formats A & B & C have to be filled by the concerned mulberry in charge for compensation. A separate claim form has to be filled by the  claimer

 vii.  Forms for applying for the above scheme :-

        Already given in the above Para