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Sericulture Department

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Sericulture is the production of silk through rearing of silk worm . It is a farm based, labour intensive and commercially attractive economic activity falling under the cottage and small scale sector .It provides income and employment to the rural poor especially farmers  with small land holdings and and marginalized and weaker section of the society .Women play a dominant part in this sector as the activities are mostly home based. Sericulture continues to be a subsidiary occupation for rural families in the state.The State is having enormous potential to produce Bivoltine silk of international grade which can help to reduce the import of Bivoltine silk in the Country.



Department Introduction of the District


Name of the Department: Sericultre

District Head Name & Designation: Ashwani Kumar Sharma, Deputy Director

Contact Details            9419366488,01992271829
Address Near Town Hall (Mehlat) Udhampur (182101)
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