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The Topography of the District Udhampur is unique as it is bestowed with different agro- climatic regions viz; Sub-tropical, Intermediate and Temperate. Due to different agro-climatic conditions the distribution of rainfall and sowing season varies from region to region. The challenges in agricultural sector are enormously increasing in view of the present conditions. The enormous pressure to produce more food from shrinking natural resources is a tough reality. Since area under various crops is almost stagnating and there is little scope for horizontal expansion, the growing demand will have to be met by increasing the productivity. Udhampur district has only 13.4% area under irrigation and remaining 86.60% is rained and provides good testing ground for dry land technology, so the whole dependence of raising production of Kharif crops is on dry land areas. The production and productivity is directly related with the rainfall as far as Udhampur district is concerned.

      Department Introduction of the District

  Name of the Department :                 AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT

 District Head Name & Designation: Sh.Omesh Safaya , Distt. Chief Agriculture Officer,UDH

 Contact Details   :             9419119798, 
  01992-270649 (Office) ,Email Id :
Tehsil/Block/Sub-Division Level      Units in District Map  

 1) Percentage ( Irrigated area)                =   13.4 %
 2) Number of Agriculture Sub-Divisions   = 02  (Udhampur & Ramnagar)
 3) Number of Zones                                  = 14  (7 + 7)
 4) Number of Circles                                 = 78  (42 + 36)
 5) Number of Villages                              = 353
 6) Number of Panchayats                         = 204
 7) Number of Blocks                                = 17 (7+10)
 8) Number of Tehsils                               = 08 (04+04)
 9) Number of Seed Sale Centre's           = Departmental = 18 Nos,
                                                               Private  = 51 Nos,Seasonal = 123Nos(62+61)
10) Number of Fertilizer Sale Centre's      = Cooperative   =   38 Nos,  
                                                                = Private    = 50 Nos
                                                                = Whole Sellers = 01 No