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Bottleneck of the department



1.         Lack of infrastructure: -

Very few departmental buildings are available and most of the field institutions are running from rented accommodations which are not entirely suitable to the departmental needs.

 2.         Supply of Medicines:-

The medicines supplied to district is very meagre which suffice for only one or one and half month. The quota of medicines needs to be increased so that the poor livestock rearing farmers can be benefitted by the schemes. Moreover, many pockets of district are there where veterinary medicine is not available in the market.

 3.         Paucity of funds: -    

The allocation especially under plan scheme is very less. Only Rs.14.66lacs have been provided for the year 2013-14 and the same allocation i.e, Rs.14.66 lacs for the year2014-15 under capital component but during the year 2012-13, it was Rs. 19.55 lacs. The allocation requires to be enhanced substantially. Due to meagre allocation, the provision under the item Drugs/medicine during the year 2013-14 &2014-15 has been reduced toRs 2.50 lacsas it was Rs.4.00lacsduring the year 2012-13. On the other side, the rates of the medicines are rising very high. Thus the overall allocation is required to be increased.

 4.         Hilly and difficult terrain:-   

A greater part of the district comprises of hilly and difficult terrains which inhibits the proper implementation and monitoring of the schemes. Though road connectivity has improved of late which is expected to somewhat ease the difficulties.

 5.         Lack of vehicles:-

The department has only one light vehicle and that too very old one (Model- 1997) and there are 06 subordinate drawing and disbursing officers subordinate to this office. This inhibits the mobility and, thereby, the proper supervision of the field institutions. Department requires at least five light vehicles and two light trucks/ delivery vans to carry out the work smoothly.

 6.         Extension activities: -

  The department requires a full-fledged Extension Wing at the District Level to disseminate the latest technology to the farmers in the remotest corners of the District. As the staff in this Department hospital/dispensary based who have to treat the animals besides conducting AI, they have very little time to go to the field for extension job.