Education-SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan)


As far as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is concerned, the Chief Education Officer is assisted by four Coordinators of Pedagogy, EMIS,Gender & IED.At the Block/Zone level, every Education has divided into 8 clusters and each cluster has been placed under the Charge of one Cluster Resource Person (CRP_. There are 86 cluster & in each cluster , one CRP is providing on site training and support to the teachers through out the academic session. Two ZRP's (Zonal Resource Person) have been engaged in the Zonal Education Office and they have been assigned the duty of providing support to the teacher working in upper primary schools. They are also consolidating the Zone Level information flowing from the Field and submitted same to the office of chief Education officer. The CRPs and ZRPs are the Trainers also and act as Resources Persons in the zone level teacher trainings. the pedagogical issues and problems are, therefore being addressed by the ZRPs/CRPs who have been drawn from among the trained graduate and the post graduate teacher having good experience in the classroom processes and transitions.
The DRG member and DIET personals have been monitoring the classroom process in the cluster and are also supporting the field teacher/CRPs/ZRPs.The main focus is on the quality education of children and their retention in the schools till the complete their education at the elementary stage. Every year, the capacity building of DRGs,DIET personals,CRPs and ZRPs is done and they are oriented fully to work in the the District level and they are fully equipped to train/orient teachers at zonal level. The VECs, are Actively involved in the management of schools besides PRI are Also Active in this Regard.