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VSA Schemes



VSA Scheme(Voluntary Service Allowance Schemes)

The objective of the scheme is to provide financial support to eligible educated unemployed youth aged between 26 to 37 years . In exchange for VSA , beneficiaries may have to render b12  hours of service per week. VSA support  is given for three years , with the expectation that by the end of this period , the beneficiary will have found a suitable employment.

Eligibility Criteria


Educational qualification of matriculation and above.


Age of 26 years or have not exceeded the age of 37 years on Jan 1st in the year of application.

3 Compulsory Registration with DECC.

Annual household income does not exceed Rs 150000/- from all sources

VSA is distributed by monthly direct Bank deposit depending upon the qualification of the candidates in the following manner.


Rs 600/- per month for 10th passed


Rs 650/- per month for 12th passed


Rs 700/- per month for 12th passed and ITI /other equivalent qualification


 Rs 850/- per month for 12th passed+ professional qualification( 3 years diploma from a recognized polytechnic institution)


Rs 1000/- per month for Graduates.


Rs 1200/- per month for Post-Graduates and Engineering /Medical Graduates and equivalent in the field of computer science, technology and Education.

(An additional Rs 50/- per month is granted to qualifying women candidates)