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Information Regarding Schemes

S.no Schemes Subsidy pattern Name of Activities
1 District Plan 75 % Subsidy Area Expansion
2 CSS- Mission for integrated Dev.of Horticulture (MIDH) 50 % subsidy Area Expansion/Vermi Compost Unit/Horticulture Mechanization/ Creation of Water resources etc
3 CSS-Rashtriya krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY) 50 % subsidy Agriculture Mechanization/ top working of inferior cultivars/canopy Management/Nutritional programme for urban areas etc
4 CSS- Agriculture technology management agency (ATMA) -- training of Farmers/organizing demonstrations/Mobilization of Farmers Groups with innovative approach
5 CSS- NMSA ( rainfed Area Development Programme) 50 % subsidy to Develop horticulture based Farming System
6 CSS- NMSA (On farm Water management) 75 % Subsidy (50% centre share and 25% state share) Micro irrigation System ( Drip  as well as Sprinkler irrigation Systems)
7 CSS- Sub Mission on Agriculture Mechanisation (SMAM) 50 % subsidy for SC/ST/SF/MF and 40 % subsidy for general Farmer Farm Mechanization ( Power tiller/Garden Hand Tools/ Powered Knap Sack Sprayer/ Power Operated Twiawan Sprayer Capacity above 16 lts.)
8 SCA to TCP 75 % Subsidy Area Expansion for economic Horticulture
9 SCA to SCSP 75 % Subsidy Area Expansion for economic Horticulture