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Aims & Objectives





-                     Department of Horticulture Udhampur provides technical know-how to the farmers / orchardists of the district for establishment of fruit plant orchards in a scientific way.


-                     Department promotes the orchardistís level not only to progressive one but to contribute in Economic Horticulture.


-                     Implementation of centrally sponsored scheme for Integrated Development of Horticulture.


-                     Promotes urban plantation by issuing subsidized fruit plants for back yard horticulture.


-                     Domestication of inferior and indigenous fruit cultivars by techniques like top-working, canopy management, rejuvenation of old and senile orchard.


-                     Introduction of Integrated Pest Management and Integrated Nutrient Management (IPM / INM) as modern tool of organic horticulture.


-                     Promotion of organic farming by raising vermi compost units and vermi beds.


-                     Horticulture Farm Mechanization - To meet out the challenges of undulating topography, department aims at promoting advanced machinery and tools to minimize farm labour and better interculture operations.


-                     Introduction of plasticulture in Horticulture by popularizing tubular structures, poly tunnels, bamboo structures and shadenet houses.


-                     Human Resource Development in Horticulture by arranging exposure visits and training of farmers / orchardists within the district, within the state and outside the state.


-                      Value addition of Horticulture produce - Free of cost training and services are provided to farmers / orchardists especially women for making of jams, jellies juices, squashes etc.  Department also offers free of cost 1 month certificate course to farm women especially to promote entrepreneurship development.


-                      Time to time awareness camps are organized at village / panchayat / block / district level to acquaint the farmers / orchardists about the different schemes in vogue for development of horticulture in the district.