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The labour department of the state is implementing 21 central laws applicable to the state and three state laws enacted by the state legislature. The department has been re-energized to accelerate its activities in all spheres.

            Identification and registration of the target groups (both employers as well as the employees) under various labour laws has been fast tracked. The ambit of coverage of non- factory establishments under employees state insurance schemes has been increased by reducing the minimum threshold limits of employee from 20 to 10 through SRO 80 dated 05/03/2012.this has satisfied a very long pending demand of the working class of the state and is going to benefit a large number of employees who were not covered so far in shops, hotels, restaurants road motor transport establishments, cinemas, newspaper establishments, educational institute and medical institutes. This is turn will attract more youth to go for employment in the private sector. It is also expected to boost the industrial growth in the long run. Coverage of laborers in unorganized sector has also increased for benefits under the building and other constructions workers (regulation of conditions of services) Act. The board started functioning effectively from February, 2011 when the first meeting of its board directors was held. The number of establishment registered has gone up from 169 at the beginning of the current fiscal to 346 as of now. The number of workers registered with the board was nil up to March, 2011 and it has gone up to 53,279 as on 12/3/2012. The cess collection was Rs. 37.91 crore as on March, 2011 and now gone up to Rs. 10107.79 Lacs including the interest as on 29/02/2012. An amount of Rs. 2, 55, 75,100.00 has been disbursed among 3600 beneficiaries/workers under different welfare schemes framed for the welfare of the building and other construction workers by the respective ALS’s as on 12/03/2012.



Department Introduction of the District


Name of the Department: Labour


District Head Name & Designation: Aamir Choudhary , Assistant Labour Commissioner, Udh.


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Address Assistant Labour Commissioner Office

Udhampur (J&K)