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Department Introduction

PHE Mechanical Division Udhampur created in the year 1997 started working independently in the month of 05/1997 with its Head Quarter at Udhampur and 04 nos. sub-divisions were created with Head quarter in PHE Mechanical Sub-Division Udhampur Head quarter Udhampur, PHE Mechanical Sub-Division Reasi Head quarter Reasi, PHE Mechanical Sub-Division Doda, head quarter Doda and PHE Mechanical Sub-Division Kishtwar Head quarter Kishtwar.

 The division is responsible for creation of new pumping stations and other allied Electro-Mechanical components at New lifts of WSS Schemes in these Districts and upkeep and maintenance of pumping machinery and other allied Electro-mechanical components installed at various pumping station in these Districts.

  At present there are 95 pumping stations in District Udhampur, majority of intake schemes are along the River Tawi. During rainy season and  flash floods, there is lot of problems in operation and maintenance the pumping stations 74nos.pumping stations are in District Reasi and 08nos. pumping stations are in Doda / Kishtwar Districts.

  At present installation of pumping machinery at pumping station Darsoo WSS Darsoo, pumping station Jaganoo, WSS Jaganoo, pumping station Kidmoo WSS Kidmoo is in progress in District Udhampur and work of installation of machinery at pumping station Nelay Chandawan, Pumping station Kakryal, pumping station Reasi Rural, is in progress in Reasi District and installation of machinery at pumping station Pranote in District Doda is in progress in Doda District.

  The manpower comprises of 1 no. Executive Engineer at Divisional level, 04nos. Assistant Executive Engineers at Sub-Divisional Level, 01 no. Technical Officer to the Executive Engineer.

  All the sub-Divisional Officer i.e Assistant Executive Engineers are assisted by Assistant Engineer as Technical Officer at present 01no. post of Assistant Engineer is lying vacant which is Technical Officer to Assistant Executive Engineer PHE Mechanical Sub-Division Kishtwar.

  Against a working strength of 11nos. Junior Engineers, at present there are only 06nos. Junior Engineers who are working in this division. (04nos. in Sub-Division Udhampur and 02nos. in Sub-Division Reasi). There is no Junior Engineer in Doda and Kishtwar Sub-Divisions.


  Against total required operational and maintenance staff

71 x 2 x 3 =


Pumping Station working for 24 hours.

24 x 2 x 1=


Pumping station working during day time only.




+16 in general shift to work as  maintenance crew







 Only 335 workers are available



CP Worker


ITI workers





Accordingly there is a shortage of 155 nos. worker in Udhampur District.

70 nos. of pumping station are equipped with standby machinery, 80% are with voltage stabilizers and 60% are with protections panels

As such there is need to improve the pumping machinery by installing of standby machinery, repair / replacement of wornout machinery and provision of voltage stabilizer, protection panels at various pumping stations of this division.

The detail of Officers / Officials is enclosed as per annexure A