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Activities of Sheep Husbandry

1 ) Field Activities

The basic unit of extension work in the field is the Sheep Ext Centres. At present 53 Sheep Extension Centres including 2 SECs opened with internal arrangement are catering to the needs of sheep and goat breeders.

The staff of the centers is engaged in the overall development of sheep and goat sector in the area by extending breeding coverage, health care facilities, educating the sheep breeders about the scientific and improved rearing and management of sheep and providing all other necessary facilities.

In case of the migratory center the staff of each center also moves along with the sheep and goat rearers and remains at alpines looking after the sheep and goats and return to plains with downward migration of livestock. These centers are scattered through out the length and breadth of the District.

 2) Breeding Policy

          Fine wool production/ Mutton Development Programme
         The cross breeding of local sheep with fine wool breed like Rambouillet in Udhampur District.
         The major chunk of Sheep population of Udhampur District being migratory / semi migratory in nature,

       Due to introduction of superior fine wool Germplasm in these areas about 78% sheep population has attained desired type of crossbred wool with subsequent increase in body weight.

3) Health Care

    The Sheep and Goat flocks of breeders are being provided with various health care facilities viz. deworming against internal parasitic infestation, dipping against ecto parasites and treatment    against various ailments. In addition vaccination is being performed against dreadful bacterial and viral diseases such as clostridial infections, FMD, Sheep Pox and PPR.