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Establishment of 25 EWES/does Units

 B. Establishment of 25 ewes/does units on participatory mode -Centrally Sponsored Rashtrya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY)

Particulars Description
Sponsored by Government of India (CSS)
  • Establishment of Sheep and Goat units of 25 ewes and 1 ram & 25 does + 1 buck at a cost of Rs 1.00 lac for unemployed youth of Jammu division.
  • Unit to be provided on loan under participatory mode, wherein from third year onwards, 5 Ewes/ Does shall be retrieved from the beneficiary for subsequent 5 years. s
  • Retrieved livestock shall be utilized for establishment of further units.
  • Employment Generation for one person on establishment of unit.
Beneficiaries Small marginal farmers/ unemployed youth of State.
Benefit type 25 Ewes/ Does to be provided to beneficiaries on loan which shall be retrieved from beneficiaries in subsequent years.
Eligibility criteria
  • Possession of minimum wherewithal viz. land, grazing rights, etc.
  • Experience/ knowledge of trade
  • Willingness for retrieval of livestock in 5 years starting from 3rd year onwards on affidavit duly attested by First Class Magistrate.
How to avail

         Interested beneficiaries to apply to District Sheep Husbandry Officer Udhampur/Block Veterinary Officer Sheep Husbandry of concerned Block.