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Establishment  Of Sheep &Goat Units

C. Establishment of Sheep/Goat units of 25 ewes/does + 1ram/buck rearing units & 500 ewes/ does + 25 Rams/ Bucks breeding units under Centrally Sponsored Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits (IDSRR)

Particulars Description
Sponsored by Government of India (CSS)
  • Scheme to be implemented in all districts of State.
  • Identification of beneficiaries by identified NGOs/ Department.
  • Training of the beneficiaries in organized sheep and goat rearing.
  • Establishment of Credit linked Sheep/ goat rearing units of 25 ewes/ does & 1 ram/ buck at a cost of Rs. 1.00 lacs for unemployed youth of State.
  • Establishment of Credit linked Sheep/ goat breeding units of 500 ewes/ does & 25 rams/ bucks at a cost of Rs. 25.00 lacs for unemployed youth of State.
  • Margin money 10% & 25% for rearing and breeding units respectively to be born by beneficiary.
  • Rs. 0.90 lac & 18.75 lacs credit/ loan through identified Banks for rearing and breeding units respectively.
  • Back-end subsidy of 33.33% to be extended by NABARD to concerned branches of Banks.
  • Individual farmers, Self Help Groups (SHGs) for rearing units. Preference for traditional shepherds, women, SCs and STs.
  • Individual farmers, NGOs, entrepreneurs for breeding units.
Benefit type  33.3% Back ended subsidy to be extended by NABARD
Eligibility criteria
  • Possession of minimum wherewithal viz. land, grazing rights, etc.
  • Experience/ knowledge of trade
  • Willingness to undergo mandatory training in management, recordkeeping etc.
  • Willingness to invest margin money.
How to avail
  • Interested beneficiaries to apply to concerned NGOs/ District Sheep Husbandry Officer Udhampur/ Block Veterinary Officer Sheep Husbandry of the concerned Block.
  • Selection by NGOs/ Service area banks
  • Sanction of cases by SLSMC headed by Commissioner Secretary to Government Animal/ Sheep Husbandry Department, J&K.