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Sheep Husbandry Department

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District Sheep Husbandry Office Udhampur came into existence in the  year 1970-71 as Project Officer Intensive Sheep Development Udhampur and later on designated as District Sheep Husbandry Officer Udhampur


The main aims and objectives of the department are:

  1. To improve the production of wool and mutton both qualitatively and quantitatively so as to improve the socio- economic status of sheep rearing communities on one hand and to meet the demand of wool and mutton to maximum level on other hand by way of extensive cross breeding programme.

  2. To study the problems of Sheep Husbandry Sector in respect of feeding, management & Disease control and to implement the programmes accordingly.

  3. Provision of employment generation through Machine Shearing Scheme, Para Veterinary Service Scheme and Organized Sheep Farming.

  4. Organizing extension programmes to acquaint the sheep and goat breeders in latest technical know how through awareness camps and training programmes.




Department Introduction of the District


 Name of the Department :   Sheep Husbandry Department

 District Head Name & Designation  :   Sanjeev Kumar , District Sheep Husbandry Officer

 Contact Details :            9419158942 (mob). 01992270401 (off).
 Address :   Domail Udhampur(182101)