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About The District Police

          District Udhampur is named after Raja Udham Singh, the eldest son of Maharaja Gulab Singh, the founder of Dogra rule in Jammu and Kashmir. In year 2007, a part of district Udhampur was bifurcated and a new District Reasi was created. At present, the District lies between Latitude:32 deg-34 min and Longitude:74 deg-16 min. It is a hilly district, inter-woven with the Shivalik Range of the Himalayas having famous tourist spots like Patnitop, Sudhmahadev, Mantlai, Dhar Seoj, Devak, Pingla Mata, Sankri Devta etc. An estimated 84% of the population lives in rural areas and is mostly dependent on agriculture. The altitude of district Udhampur ranges from 600 meters to 2024 meters above Mean Sea Level. Scattered in an area of 2380 Sq. Kms., with a population of about 5,54,985 heads (as per 2011 census with 296784 males and 258201 females). 84% of the population of Udhampur is rural, besides 16% Urban population. Population density of Udhampur is 91 Persons/Sq.Km. Udhampur is presently having 08 tehsils (Udhampur, Chenani, Basantgarh, Ramnagar, Latti-Marrothi, Moungri, Panchari, Majalta), 17 blocks (Chanunta, Chenani, Dudu, Ghordi, Jaganoo, Khoon, Kulwanta, Latti Marothi, Majalta, Moungri, Narsoo, Panchari, Parli Dhar, Ramnagar, Sewna, Tikri, Udhampur) and 204 panchayats.

          District Police Udhampur is presently having 04 Police Sub Divisions (Udhampur HQ, Chenani, Ramnagar, Rehmbal) & 10 Police Stations (Women Police Station, Police Station Udhampur, Rehmbal, Chenani, Kud, Latti, Basantgarh, Ramnagar, Majalta, Pancheri) with 06 Crime Police Posts (Police Post Tikri, Roun, Damnote, Ghordi, Dudu, Sudhmahadev) for crime control and maintenance of Law and Order. Besides this, one Anti-Human Traffic Unit has also been sanctioned by Government and established in Udhampur town.

         About 50% of the crime registration in District Udhampur is under head road traffic accidents being a hilly terrain and a long stretch of NHW-44 (about 70 Kms.) and Dhar Road (about 55 KMs) passes though the jurisdiction of District Udhampur. Heinous crime contributes about 4% to the total crime registration.

         Effective measures/special drive under the provisions of Motor Vehicle Act has been undertaken to reduce road traffic accidents like strict implementation of wearing helmet, overloading etc. Desirable results have been achieved in this regard in prevention of fatal accidents. Since the launch of this special drive under motor vehicle act, only one or two fatal accidents of two wheelers was reported due to strict implementation of wearing Helmet, avoid double pillion riding and over speeding etc. Mounted Police has also been launched in Udhampur town to check wrong parking in market areas of Udhampur town and its peripheral areas.

          Drug addiction in district Udhampur is increasing day by day being a National Highway District. A mass movement is being launched in district Udhampur in collaboration with the district administration against this to control and completely eradicate this menace from the district.

          Udhampur District is a politically very sensitive district. A petty issue, if not solved timely, gets flared up and takes shape of big law and order issue. Besides this, important strategic vital installations viz. Northern Command Hqrs, Airforce Station, Military Hospital, Sher-e-Kashmir Police Academy, STC BSF, Chenani-Nashri Tunnel etc. are established in Udhampur making it very sensitive with Policing point of view.