Department Citizen Charter

Vision of the Department:

United and transformed agriculture to ensure economic prosperity and food security. To be recognized as global leader in agricultural excellence through a commitment to safety, quality, growth and innovation. Aggregating Farmers into Interest Groups (FIGS) to form Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOS) and formation of product specific clusters. Enhancing Livelihood opportunities and to contribute to Economic Stability at the UT of J&K/ National level. Empower women and youth in development so that they could benefit. To promote agriculture both locally and globally. Making agriculture more skilled and technology oriented.


Create a modern and a highly productive agricultural system that uses a more advanced technology which enables the society to get rid of poverty. Transformation of the Agriculture sector through innovative, inclusive and sustainable policies, structural reforms, legislation and programmes. Build the capacity of disaster prevention and preparedness. Judicious use of land, water and HR for achieving sustainable growth in agriculture production and productivity in convergence with agro based livelihood support systems for economic viability and transformation of rural community.



  1. To serve as an essential and effective link between the Agriculture Research Institutions and the farmers (Lab to Land, Land to Land & Land to Lab).
  2. Human resource management and capacity building appropriate to need of the hour, to build a strong academic foundation for the scientific and technical man power and providing suitable technological trainings to the farming community.
  3. To improve agriculture extension services by adopting new information technology with the involvement of farmers, NGOs, SHGS/FPOs and agriculture universities.
  4. Skill Development of entrepreneurs through integrated approach by involving private sector also.
  5. Dissemination of latest technology to the farmers through motivation, awareness cum training programmes,demonstrations, audio visual aids, electronic and print media, exposure visits, kissan melas, awards and incentives etc
  6. Endeavoring for adequate and timely supply of inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural credit and implements to farmers.
  7. To undertake appropriate land use, soil health management and protection, conservation measures in order to minimize erosion through water shed approach and simultaneously increase the productivity of the land and income of the farmers.
  8. To identify thrust areas in agriculture, which have relevance for future and initiate work so that emerging problem can be spotted and research directed towards their solution.
  9. Developing suitable strategies for rainfed farming through people’s participation and promotion of Integrated Farming System (IFS) approach for augmenting the income level of farming communities and enhancing thenutritional value of the food grains,

10.To implement various State and Centrally Sponsored Schemes and other developmental programmes for thebenefit of the farming community. 11. To improve the Rural economy and socio-economic condition of the farming community and to explore newpossibilities for high economic activity in the Agriculture Sector.

  1. Infrastructure Development including Up-gradation of Seed Multiplication farms, Quality Control/Soil TestingLaboratories and Plant Health Clinics.

13.Promoting diversified and market driven farming systems.

 14.Providing effective linkage between research institutes, Agriculture Universities of the UT for transfer of technology.

15.Providing of technical trainings to the extension staff through Research Institutes within and outside the UT,SKUAST Jammu and SKUAST Kashmir and departmental trainings institutes.

16.Promoting avenues for private sector investment in agriculture through formation of Farmers’ Interest Groups,Commodity Interest Groups, FPOS/FPCs etc.

Chief Agriculture Officer 

Sanjay Anand


Near Hanuman Mandir Udhampur , 182101