Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution

Department Citizen Charter

  1. Implementation of Targeted Public Distribution System as per National Food Security Act-2013.
  2. Distribution of foodgrains (Wheat, Atta, Rice & Sugar) to the beneficiaries (ration card holders) through epos devices at Fair Price Shops/Govt. Sale Depots.
  3. Enforcement of fixed retail prices of essential commodities of daily use like Meat, Fruits & vegetables.
  4. Issuing of Ration Cards, Addition, Alteration & Deletion of member(s).
  5. Consumer Affairs: Consumer Protection, Awareness & Promotion of Consumer Welfare etc.
  6. Monitoring of Supplies of Essential Commodities: POL, LPG & other essential items.

Procurement of Foodgrains from Food Cooperation of India.

Vision: Smooth and uninterrupted supply of good quality of Foodgrains /essential commodities at prescribed rates to the people by closely monitoring the market, strengthening enforcement activity and accurate weight and measures methodology.

Mission: Identify proper beneficiaries for food security to empower consumers through awareness and education; enhance protection and safety through progressive legislations and prevention of unfair trade practices, enable quality assurance through standards and their conformance; and ensure access to affordable and effective grievance redressal mechanisms.

 Main Objective: The primary function of the Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department is to run the Public Distribution System efficiently and ensure availability of Foodgrains to everyone and to ensure that it is at price affordable for even the poorest in the State. The Department is also entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring availability of Essential Commodities in the Market at reasonable price and prevention of hoarding, black-marketing and artificial price hike. Since most of the Foodgrains in the State come from outside the State, the PDS is totally dependent on the Foodgrains supplied by the Govt. of India through FCI.


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1) National Food Security Act, 2013

National Food Security Act, 2013 has been implemented in the whole of UT J&K with effect from 1st of Feb, 2016 with the objective to provide access to adequate quantity of quality food at affordable prices.

As per Act, the eligible beneficiaries under priority households are entitled to receive 5kgs of food grains per soul per month at highly subsidized prices of Rs.3/2 per kg for rice/wheat. However, the existing beneficiaries under Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY), which constitute the poorest of the poor, continue to receive 35 kg of food grains per household per month.

Under NPHH category the beneficiaries are provided foodgrains at a scale of 05 kg/soul per month at a subsidized price of Rs.12 per Kg for wheat, Rs.13 per Kg for Atta & Rs.15 per Kg for Rice.

End-to-End computerization in order to ensure transparent recording of transactions at all levels, and to prevent diversion.

Aadhaar for unique identification, with biometric information of entitled beneficiaries for proper targeting of benefits under this Act.

2) Jammu and Kashmir Food Entitlement Scheme (JKFES)

To provide additional foodgrains to the beneficiaries under NFSA, the Government has introduced Jammu and Kashmir Food Entitlement Scheme (JKFES) which envisages providing of additional 5 Kgs of foodgrains per soul to bonafide beneficiaries having family size from (01) one to 06 (six) over and above the NFSA scale from 1st of July 2016. Under JKFES, the foodgrains are procured at OMSS Rates from FCI and then distributed among the beneficiaries as per the below scale @ Rs.12 per Kg for wheat, Rs.13 per Kg for Atta & Rs.15 per Kg for Rice.

Officers/Officials Contact Numbers
1.    Assistant Director 01992-70538 ,9622222777
2.    Tehsil Supply Officers Udhampur -9419160159 ,Ramnagar- 9906172301, Chenani- 9469324575, Majouri/Latti-9906172301, Panchari/ Mongri-9906201447,Majalta-99858222222
3.    Supervisors

Supervisor FCI-9906397980,

Udhampur Flour Mill /R.C Flour Mill-9419264382, Trikuta Flour Mill /Shalimar Flour Mill /Mini Mahajan Flour Mill-9419158642

4.    Storekeepers Udhampur-9596886431, Ramnagar-9906090700, Majouri-7889847320, Latti-9622953212, Chenani-9419157327, Majalta-7006602727, Panchari-9906201447, Moungri-8492902010
Assistant Director

1.To ensure implementation of the Departmental policies and orders at the District level.

2. To ensure timely allocation and availability of Ration in the district.

3.To coordinate with other Departments in the district for implementation of various Government Policies.



Tehsil Supply Officer

1.To implement the Departmental policies and orders at the Tehsil/Block level.

2.To issue the ration cards to the beneficiaries.

3.To ensure implementation of various control orders policies and instructions regarding storage and transportation, distribution of essential commodities, maintenance of relevant reports, inspections and any other orders issued time to time.


1.National Food Security Act.

2. Jammu Kashmir Food Entitlement Scheme

3.  Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana

4. One Nation One Ration Card.

Food security to vulnerable section of society (PHH, AAY) under National Food Security Act 2013.

Shohab Latief, JKAS 

Assistant Director


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