Disaster Management

District Disaster Management Plan

Natural Calamities have been a manifestation of nature since times immemorial. However in recent decades there has been a trend of increasing frequency and magnitude of both natural and man-made disasters all over the world.

The increasingly frequent occurrence of natural and man made disasters has therefore been a cause of concern for the Global community and has made Governments all over the world sharply aware of the need to take adequate measures to cope with such disaster situations.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has set up the National Institute of Disaster Management New Delhi for training and spreading of awareness on the subject, and, in the year 2005, has enacted the Disaster Management Act 2005 (Act 53 of 2005) which is applicable to the whole of India including the Sate of Jammu and Kashmir. The Act envisages setting up of a National Disaster Management Authority, State Disaster Management Authorities at the State level and District Disaster Management Authorities at the District Level.


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