Department Citizen Charter


To ensure education of equitable quality for all to fully harness the nation’s human potential.


1.Reinforce the national and integrative character of education in partnership with states/UTs.

2. Improve quality and standard of school education and literacy towards building a society committed to constitutional values.

3. Provide free and compulsory quality education to all children at elementary level under RTE 2009.

4. Universalize opportunities for quality secondary education.

5. Establish a fully literate society.


1. Access: Expension of quality school education.

2. Equity:- Inclusion of disadvantaged groups and weaker sections.

3. Quality: Improving Standard of education.

4. Formulating policy and carrying out institutional and systematic reforms

To encourage Teachers and students to explore,research and use all the tools to cover something new.It involves a different way of looking at problems and solving them.Thinking process that goes into it will help students develop their creativity and their problem solving skills.

Social security schemes to intended to provide pension benefits (after retirement)with the minimum contribution per month

Chief Education Officer Udhampur

Sh. Arvin Kumar Koul


Battal Ballian Road Dandial Udhampur