Animal Husbandry

The Livestock Sector continues to play a vital role in the Rural Economy by ensuring income employment and food security for large section of the people. The main occupation of the people in the rural areas of the district is agriculture and Livestock rearing as there are excellent green highlands pastures like Seoj, Samna Banj, Ladda, Natha top etc. The district is having an area of 2380 The human population of the district as per census 2001 was 4.595 lakhs which has increased to 5.55 lakhs as per census 2011. The Department has 70 Veterinary centres and 29 First Aid Centres running through internal arrangement besides District Veterinary Hospital Udhampur against 204 no. of Panchayats in the District. Implementation of NMPS during the year 2014-15 as CSS:-
Scheme –II Genetic up-gradation of indigenous cattle in the covered areas through Artificial Insemination by providing in centres for Artificial Insemination and to meet the nutritional requirement during pregnancy and cash up to Rs. 200/= at the time of A.I. up to conception  & after conception 120 kg feed is provided for nutritional supplementaries.
Scheme –III Provision of Dairy equipments mastitis kits for cross bred bovines on priority / need / pattern of assistance basis with proposed beneficiaries under the scheme with at least cross bred Dairy milch animals and permanent resident of the State.
Hope for Better Development  In spite of bottle necks mentioned above, the department is asserting to improve the economic condition of the masses. Up till now, about 30% of Livestock has been converted to improved genetic make-up. The conversion of the rest of Livestock and after that improvement in the genetic makeup will surely improve the economic condition of the rural masses. With increase in population and decrease in land holdings Animal Husbandry and Horticulture are the key areas which will have to shoulder such responsibilities with some special attention and initiation of some centrally sponsored schemes, the department is capable of achieving this objective. Economic impact of genetic improvement of such a large number of cattle and buffalo populations is full of great hopes. It can change the economic status of the rural masses and also improve the health of all.The efforts put in by the department are reflected by the availability of milk curd and cheese in the market of the entire major towns of the district at all hours of the day. (About two decades back availability of milk and curd after early morning was rare).The district has become self-sufficient in milk and its products. From being a milk and milk product scarcity, it has become a milk product exporter district. A large and mechanised cheese making plant has been established reflecting the availability of surplus milk.