Animal Husbandry

The Livestock Sector continues to play a vital role in the Rural Economy by ensuring income employment and food security for large section of the people. The main occupation of the people in the rural areas of the district is agriculture and Livestock rearing as there are excellent green highlands pastures like Seoj, Samna Banj, Ladda, Natha top etc. The district is having an area of 2380 The human population of the district as per census 2001 was 4.595 lakhs which has increased to 5.55 lakhs as per census 2011. The Department has 71 Veterinary centres and 30 First Aid Centres running through internal arrangement besides District Veterinary Hospital Udhampur against 236 no. of Panchayats in the District. 

Department Schemes 2020-21

  1. Integrated Dairy Development Scheme 2020-21:- Upto 50% Subsidy on following components-

a). Establishment of Dairy Unit (05 Cow/Buffalo).

b). Establishment of Milk Collection/Chilling/Processing Unit.

c). Establishment of Market Infrastructure including Milk ATMs.

d). Establishment of Milk Transportation System.

e). Environmental Management of Dairy Farms & Gaushalas.


  1. Cattle Feed Processing Units/ Fodder Development Scheme 2020-21:- Upto 50% Subsidy on following components-

Cattle Feed Processing Unit

a). Establishment of Commercial Cattle Feed Mill/Plant.

b). Establishment of Nano/Small Cattle Feed Mill/Plant.

c). Establishment of a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) Equipment.

d). Infrastructural Support.

Fodder Development

a). Establishment of Silage Making Unit.

b). Establishment of Fodder Block Making Unit.

c). Establishment of Feed Block Making Unit.

d). Facility Minitractor to Dairy Farmers.

e). Facility of Fodder Harvester to Dairy Farmers.

f). Facility of Chaff Cutters to Dairy Farmers.

g). Facility of Bore Wells to the Dairy Farmers.

h). Creation of Infrastructure/ Establishment of Hydroponic Fodder Making Unit.


  1. Kissan Credit Card Scheme:- Loan Facility to farmers for feeding of their Dairy Animals and Poultry on 4% interest rate :-

For crossbred/Jersey/HF Cows- Rs 29,200/-

For Buffalo                               – Rs 27,700/-

For 1000 Poultry chicks            – Rs 70,000/-


  1. National Livestock Mission 2020-21:-

Components are: – a). Innovative Poultry Productivity Programme (IPPP-LIT Birds) – Distribution of 4 week old 200 LIT Birds to each beneficiary plus Rs. 15000/- DBT for construction of shed. Total 40 beneficiaries covered from Udhampur District.

b). Innovative Poultry Productivity Programme (IPPP-Broilers) – Distribution of 0 Day old chicks @ 600 Birds to each beneficiary plus Rs. 30,000/- DBT for construction of shed and also provided feed. Total 35 beneficiaries covered from Udhampur District.


  1. National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP)- 100% Cattle and Buffalo Population are covered for FMD-CP Vaccination on free of cost basis with tagging of animals.


  1. Nationwide Artificial Insemination Programme (NAIP)- Breedable Animals are inseminated on free of cost basis.