Animal Husbandry

Department Citizen Charter:

  • Vision: Sustainable Growth of Livestock for ensuring nutritional security, creation of Employment opportunities for unemployed population and to improve economic condition of farmers of the District.
  • Mission: Genetic Up-gradation of Local Livestock to strengthen and improve Livestock Productivity and ensure a disease free livestock product Supply chain for the District.
  • Main Objectives
    • Genetic Up-gradation of Livestock with improved / Exotic Germ Plasm. Artificial Insemination is the main tool to achieve it in Cattle & Buffalo.
    • Development in poultry Production by introducing improved Varieties of dual Purpose Birds as a Backyard Venture.
    • Prevention and control of Animal Disease through intensive vaccination of Livestock at Doorstep.
    • Development of Feed and Fodder resources in order to realize the true Potential of the Improved Crossbred Livestock.


Sectoral Officers of Chief Animal Husbandry Officer, Udhampur

  1. Livestock Development Officer, Udhampur.-Dr. Suresh Kumar Thapa, Contact No. 9419142960
  2. Officer Incharge, Artificial Breeding Station, Udhampur-Dr. Kabal Singh, Contact No. 7006284976.
  3. Poultry Development Officer, Udhampur-Dr. Sunil Kumar, Contact No. 9149415506
  4. Manager Hatchery, Udhampur-Dr. Shobha Gupta, Contact No. 9419159680
  5. Disease Investigation Officer, Udhampur-Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Contact No: – 9419140045
  6. Superintendent District Veterinary Hospital, Udhampur-Dr. Suresh Kumar Thapa, Contact No. 9419142960

Currently 2 main Activities are in Animal Husbandry Department:-

  1. Treatment of Animals: – included treatment of all street animals, Domestic Cattle & Buffalo, Pet Animals and Poultry Birds.
  2. Implementation of Departmental Schemes


Following are the Departmental Schemes of Animal Husbandry Department:-

  1. Establishment of Backyard Poultry units: – Backyard Poultry birds are provided to the farmers on subsidized amount with the unit size Comprises of 5-50 birds. The price of 0 day old chicks is Rs. 20 only and of 4 week old birds is Rs. 40 only.
  2. National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP):- 100% Cattle & Buffalo Population are vaccinated on free of cost basis at Door step against Foot & Mouth Disease, Brucellosis and Hemorrhagic Septicemia Disease.
  3. Nation Wide Artificial Insemination Programme (NAIP):– Breedable Dairy Animals are inseminated with high genetic semen doses of exotic breeds on free of cost basis, so that the farmers will get crossbred calves. The crossbred calves having high genetic merit and higher milk production as compared their parent Generation.
  4. Integrated Dairy Development Scheme (IDDS):- Upto 50% Subsidy on following components-

a). Establishment of Dairy Unit (05 Cow/Buffalo).

b). Establishment of Milk Collection/Chilling/Processing Unit.

c). Establishment of Market Infrastructure including Milk ATMs.

d). Establishment of Milk Transportation System.

e). Environmental Management of Dairy Farms & Gaushalas.

5. Cattle Feed Processing Units/ Fodder Development Scheme 2020-21:- Upto 50% Subsidy on following components-

Cattle Feed Processing Unit

a). Establishment of Commercial Cattle Feed Mill/Plant.

b). Establishment of Nano/Small Cattle Feed Mill/Plant.

c). Establishment of a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) Equipment.

d). Infrastructural Support.

Fodder Development

a). Establishment of Silage Making Unit.

b). Establishment of Fodder Block Making Unit.

c). Establishment of Feed Block Making Unit.

d). Facility Minitractor to Dairy Farmers.

e). Facility of Fodder Harvester to Dairy Farmers.

f). Facility of Chaff Cutters to Dairy Farmers.

g).Facility of Bore Wells to the Dairy Farmers.

h). Creation of Infrastructure/ Establishment of Hydroponic Fodder Making Unit.


6. Kissan Credit Card Scheme:- Loan Facility to farmers for feeding of their Dairy Animals and Poultry on 4% interest rate :-

    • For crossbred/Jersey/HF Cows- Rs 29,200/-
    • For Buffalo                               –  Rs 27,700/-
    • For 1000 Poultry chicks            – Rs 70,000/-


7. Distribution of Medicines:-

  1. Few of the medicines are provided to farmers at the rate of 25% of market price and few are at 50 % of market price at our Veterinary Centers (Total 101 centers in Udhampur District).
  2. Deworming medicines are provided to the farmers on free of cost basis.


8. Livestock Insurance under National Livestock Mission (NLM):- In this scheme, Milch animals are insured on subsidized amount. The farmers have to pay only 40% (APL) & 20% (BPL/SC/ST) of premium amount.


9. Integrated Poultry Development Programme (IPDP):- Upto 50% Subsidy on following components-


  1. Establishment of new commercial broiler farm 1000 chick capacity / 2500 chick capacity / 5000 chick capacity & 10000 chick capacity.
  2. Insurance of Broiler Poultry Birds (D.O.Cs)
  3. Establishment of poultry dressing and processing unit.
  4. Market intervention by establishing mobile poultry processing cum Dressing Unit & transportation of live poultry birds.
  5. Establishment of poultry rendering unit.
  6. Machinery /Equipments for Poultry Farms
  7. Mini incubators for backyard Poultry
  1. Treatment to the Livestock at Veterinary Centres.
  2. Artificial Insemination of Breedable animals at Doorstep.
  3. Vaccination of the Animals at Doorstep.
  4. Awareness of farmers regarding Departmental Schemes.
  1. Department is providing 50% Subsidy on establishment of feed mill/plant.
  2. Youth of the Far-flung areas are trained for First aid to the animal and for Artificial Insemination under MAITRI Scheme.

Farmers are motivated by our field staff for Dairy Farming and Poultry Farming Under the Departmental Schemes i.e., Integrated Dairy Development and free Distribution of 600 Broiler birds and 200 LIT Birds under the scheme National Livestock Mission.

In the year 2020-21, total 26 dairy units established under IDDS, 75 Farmers covered under National Livestock Mission and 126 Chaff cutters were provided to the farmers on 50% Subsidy and 5 Tractors (2 lakh Subsidy) under Fodder Development Scheme. The main aim of both the schemes is to generate self Employment

Motivating Farmers for adopting modern techniques of milk processing and marketing, so that value added milk and milk products & by products are supplied in the market.

Dr Rakesh Gupta, Chief Animal Husbandry Officer

Contact No: – 9419124929

e-mail id –

Chief Animal Husbandry Officer Office,

Near Boys Higher Secondary School, Town hall,

Udhampur 182101