Sheep Husbandry

 INTRODUCTION: District Sheep Husbandry Office Udhampur came into existence in the  year 1970-71 as Project Officer Intensive Sheep Development Udhampur and later on designated as District Sheep Husbandry Officer Udhampur in the year 1984.


Department Citizen Charter:


The main aims and objectives of the department are:

  1. To improve the production of wool and mutton both qualitatively and quantitatively so as to improve the socio- economic status of sheep rearing communities on one hand and to meet the demand of wool and mutton to maximum level on other hand by way of extensive cross breeding programme.
  1. To study the problems of Sheep Husbandry Sector in respect of feeding, management & Disease control and to implement the programmes accordingly.
  2. Provision of employment generation through Machine Shearing Scheme, Para Veterinary Service Scheme and Organized Sheep Farming.
  3. Organizing extension programmes to acquaint the sheep and goat breeders in latest technical knowhow through awareness camps and training programmes.
  4. Improving fodders resources / pasture development.



  • Attain self sufficiency in livestock products.
  • Improving genetic potential of indigenous stock by utilizing modern scientific tools available.
  • Sustain efforts in livestock sector to attain perceptible change in economic growth of the State.
  • Ensuring a healthy society by safe guarding against zoonotic disease through surveillance and monitoring of livestock.

Field Activities

The basic unit of extension work in the field is the Sheep Extension Center. At present 46 Sheep Extension Centers and 06 First Aid Centers which have opened up with internal arrangement are catering to the needs of sheep and goat breeders. The staff of the centers is engaged in the overall development of sheep and goat sector in the area by extending breeding coverage, health care facilities, educating the sheep breeders about the scientific and improved rearing and management of sheep and providing all other necessary facilities. These centers are scattered throughout the length and breadth of the District.

Breeding Policy

  • Fine wool production/ Mutton Development Programme.
  • Cross breeding of local sheep with fine wool breed like Rambouillet in Udhampur District.
  • The major chunk of Sheep population of Udhampur District being migratory / semi migratory in nature. Due to introduction of superior fine wool Germplasm in these areas ,about 83% sheep population has attained desired type of crossbred wool with subsequent increase in body weight.
  • High Genetic Potential breed of Sheep i.e. Dorper has recently been introduced in the district to see the impact on improving the productivity.

Health Care

The Sheep and Goat flocks of breeders are being provided with various health care facilities viz. deworming against internal parasitic infestation, dipping against ecto parasites and treatment against various ailments. In addition vaccination is being performed against dreadful bacterial and viral diseases such as clostridial infections, FMD, Sheep Pox and PPR.

 The working of the whole of the District for Sheep Husbandry Sector is monitored by the District Sheep Husbandry Officer Udhampur. However 10 Blocks Viz. Udhampur, Jaganoo, Tikri, Khoon,  Majalta, Chenani, Narsoo, Sewna, Panchari , Moungri are under the direct control of District Sheep Husbandry Officer While 07 Blocks Viz. Ramnagar, Kulwanta ,Parli dhar, Chununta, Ghordi, Latti Marothi and Basantgarh are under the control of Sheep Development Officer Ramnagar. The working of the Blocks is supervised by the 14 Veterinary Assistant Surgeons


  • Treatment of Livestock
  • Improvement of Genetic Potential of local Sheep and Goat Population through Cross breeding. Providing of superior quality germplasm Rams / Bucks.
  • Establishment of new Sheep and Goat Units.
  • Employment generation.

Introduction of Exotic Germplasm animals of Dorper breed after Embryo Transfer Technology at one of the Government Sheep Breeding Farm of Jammu Division.

Employment given to 132 persons during 2020-21.

 i) ISDS (10 Animals) = 76 Units

ii) ISDS (25 Animals) =30 Units

iii) RKVY (10 Animals) = 26 Units

Self employment to 15 persons during 2020-21.

  1. Mini Sheep Farm = 15 Units of 50 Ewes each were established during 2020-21 with loan component from banks and back ended subsidy @ Rs. 60,000/- per unit.

Dr. Anil Kumar Kaul

District Sheep Husbandry Officer Udhampur

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