Forest Protection Force

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The state government accords high priority to protection of state forests and in view of the same has raised Forest Protection Force creating 2257 posts in pursuance to cabinet decision No.12/7 dated 2.12.1996, by establishing protection Gamma Units in each of the 26 territorial forest

divisions covering the state excluding Ladakh region. Subsequently the “J&K Forest (Protection) Act 2001” was enacted to provide legal support to the Force envisaging that Forest Protection Force shall be an Armed Force of the State on the pattern of Police Department. The working of

Forest Protection Force is regulated through J&K FPF Rules 2012 issued vide SRO-264 dated 9th-Aug-2012.


Department Introduction of the District


Name of the Department: Forest Protection Force

District Head Name & Designation: Shahzad Chowdhary, Dy. Director

Contact Details            01992-270250 (Office)
Address New Jail Road, Udhampur
Reporting Center Ramnagar