Department Citizen Charter: – The Handloom sector in J&K state is century old known for specialized Weaving of fabric Pashmina, Cotton and Desi Wool etc. In District Udhampur in order to upgrade the skill of Weavers and Tailoring Craft persons, Handloom Dev. Department is working on two component one is training pogramme and second organized Co-operative sector in which training is given to un-employed youth in two trades one is Handloom Weaving and second Readymade Garment Cutting  & Tailoring Training. After the completion of trainings the engaged youth are taken under the organized sector by providing them benefit by existing schemes to start their own entrepreneur in shape of Co-operative societies.

The Department is implementing various Weaver welfare schemes such as, loan for Modernization/Renovation/Purchase of looms, Share Capital loan, Education Scheme, Credit card Scheme, Pardhan Mantri Weaver Mudra Scheme (PMWMS) and Block Level weaver Cluster, under  National Handloom Dev. Programme (NHDP) for socio-economic upliftment of Weaver community.

  1. Training Programmee:- In District Udhampur There are 05 No s Training Centre are running by the Handloom Dev. Department Udhampur out of which 04 Nos in weaving , one no in cutting and tailoring trade and training is provide to un-employed youth /Women for one year to set up their individual unit to earn their livelihood .
  2. Formation of Handloom Cooperative Societies:- Trainees trained are enfold in co-operative societies and other job knowing/ individual weavers are also provide opportunities to enfold them into cooperative societies at least 11 No’s weaver are required for formation of CO-operative.
  3. Loan for Modernization/Ren./Purchase of Looms:- Aim and objective of the scheme to provide loan to those weaver who are the registered weavers of cooperative societies  with 50% subsidy on loan under the scheme , and 50% loan is recovered from the society affairs @9.25 % Interest per year within the period of 10 years.
  4. Share Capital Loan:– under the scheme Loan is provided by the Handloom Dev Department to the registered cooperative societies and loan is 100%, and period for its repay is also 10 years with the interest @ 9.25 % per year.
  5. Education Scheme:– under the scheme scholarship is provided to the girls students up to 1st to 6th classes to those girls whose parentages are the registered weavers of the Handloom Indl cooperative societies.
  6. Employment of Credit card Scheme:– Under the scheme Loan is sanctioned in favour of the weaver / tailor/ Artism for establishment of individual units and up to amount of Rs.2.0 lacs has to be sanctioned in favour of the applicants by financial institute. While department is providing 7% interest subsidy to the unit holders under this scheme.
  7. Paradhan Mantri weaver Mundra Yojna Scheme: – Under the Scheme Loan cases are sanctioned in favour of the weavers who want to establish their individual units. Under the scheme 10,000 Margin money and 7% interest subsidy is also provided to unit holders by the Ministry of textile Government of India.
  8. 10% Special Rebate:– Rebate is provided under the state plan Scheme Capex Budget) to those Handloom Indl. Co-op Societies who sold their finished goods items in Handloom Expo organized by the department time to time in different events.
  9. Block Level Cluster:–Under the scheme National Handloom Dev. Programme (NHDP) Block level cluster is also be considered by the department in the interest of weaver community and at least about to 150 weavers members are required for formulation of one block level cluster.
  10. Interest Subsidy:– under the scheme  Interest subsidy  is provide in favour of the  beneficiaries who have already avail the loan from various Banks for establishment of individuals Handloom weaving and cutting & tailoring units.
  11. 10% Special Rebate: 10% rebate provided on sale to cooperative societies who participated in Handloom Expo’s and made the sale of finished goods products
  12. Marketing:- For the marketing of handloom Products active societies are being participated in the state level and national level for the marketing of their products.


Works under current Plan:

  1. Department is running 05 No’s mobile vocational training Centre in District Udhampur providing Training to un-employed youth/girls under training programme in Handloom weaving , and Ready- Made- Garment training ,in current session about to 40 No’s girls un-employed are engaging in weaving trade and 15 No’s under RMG training programme for the period of one year.
  2. Department is enfolding the weavers/ Autisms in the Cooperative Societies, during the year 2020-21, Department has registered 05 No’s new CO-OP Societies having the membership 56 No’s and 08 No’s still are under consideration for the year,2021-22 having the membership 89 No’s as per the targets allotted by the Director Handloom Dev. Department Jammu’s.
  3. Department is registered individuals Weavers and artisan for providing employment to un-employed youth/girls who are already trained in the job and covered them under the scheme Credit Card Scheme CCS and pardhan mantri Weaver mudra Scheme as per the Target allotted by the Director Handloom dev. Department under the Scheme Credit Card Scheme and Pardhan Mantri Weaver Mudra Scheme and target fixed about to 70 Nos beneficiaries need to be covered for the year,2021-22.
  4. Block Level Cluster:-Under the scheme one Block Level Cluster is under process in Tandar Tehsil Chenani with the membership 182 No’s weavers and its DPR also be prepared to submit to the Director Handicrafts & Handloom Dev. Department Jammu for further submission to the Ministry of Textile Union Government of India for Sanction.

For the un-employed youth training is being given in Handloom weaving and cutting & tailoring trades in Centers and Weaver are also registered with the Department to avail the weavers welfare schemes for Handloom weavers.

Tweed Cloth introduced/produced in Block Level Cluster Moungri (Panjar).

Individual Units: After Availing the loan from Banks under the department Schemes. Many individuals units of Weaving/ Cutting and tailoring have been established by the individual’s beneficiaries which are very successful to earn their livelihood as per detail given below:-

  1. Sham Lal R/OTandar Chenani, Handloom Weaving unit.
  2. Rajesh Kumar Chenani Handloom Weaving Unit
  3. Des Raj R/o Tandar Chenani Hanloom Weaving unit.
  4. Smt Raj Kumari R/o Udhampur Cutting and Tailoring unit.
  5. Babli Devi R/o Panchari, Cutting and Tailoring unit,
  6. Swarn Singh R/o Mir Panchari Cutting and tailoring unit.

Credit Card Scheme Limit. Up to  2.0 Lacs

Pradhan Mantri Mundra Yojana  Scheme (PMMY).

Sh. N.D Verma

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