The office of the Assistant Labour Commissioner Udhampur, is situated at Omara Morh near Army Public School.

  The mandate of the department includes to ensure:-

  • Compensation to workers for injury or death in course of employment and out of employment.
  • Payment of wages gratuity, bonus, maternity benefits, Health insurance and provident fund.
  • Settlement of disputes of workers with employers.
  • 1971 Health Safety and other welfare measures of the workers.
  • Improving working conditions and ensuring safe and congenial atmosphere at Workplace.
  • Regulating working conditions.
  • A special measure for the welfare of building construction workers regulating trade unions by registering the union’s employees ensuring safety of workers by implementing Factory Act and Labour Act ,Abolishing Bonded Labour wherever it exists in any form and manifestation implementing the child labour to ensure that no child is implicated in hazardous works.
  • Beside this office also deal with Registration of Construction workers and Welfare Schemes for the Registered Workers. Title Download
1.  Assistant Labour Commissioner  Pradyot Gupta 
2. Contact No 01991-244187
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