“Humanity is a team work”

In today’s era of competition and fast pace life there is an urgent need to stop for a minute to absorb the fact that there is a whole world of people who needs our time and consideration. New clothing on every occasion, new books in each class and variety of cuisines in each meal at times makes us forget what hunger and need is.

District Administration Udhampur along with the civil society intends to knock the doors of the fortunate for kindness to collectively make it sure that together we can make the world a better place.

In District Hospital Udhampur we intend to start a centre where food, books and clothes shall be made available free of cost.

This food facility has been started initially for the attendants of the patients who come to District hospital for treatment from remotest areas of the district and cannot bear the expenses of food. More so financially backward families who take the challenging decision of allowing their children to continue higher studies in Udhampur colleges, but are unable to bear the cost of lodging.

In this case a few Non Government Organizations have come forward to help the administration. We also expect any other association, Mohalla, Municipal wards, Gram panchayat, Banks & other government or private organizations to lend us a helping hand in cooking, provision of food material, labour or delivery of cooked food from our homes. Arrangements shall be made to serve the food in the Sarai itself. Initially we start with just one meal (probably lunch) but later on intend to make it bigger.

District Administration discussed the matter with parents of students who belong to weaker sections of the society, teachers and book vendors, has arrived at a conclusion that high charges of books, copies, bags and other stationery items also become a hindrance in the way of bright and ambitious students wanting to fight all odds for gaining knowledge. On the other hands there also are families who wish that their ward should be buying new books each year, thereby resulting in collection of humungous number of books at home which not only cover space in their homes but are also of not much use to them later on. So basically it’s an initiative to make children of comfortable homes feel the joy of giving.

The third feature under the project shall be clothes. We intend to help less fortunate people to pick up any cloth of their choice from clothes which shall be donated by locals. This feature needs some restrictions and discipline on the part of the donors. It has been decided that torn, dirty and non-ironed clothes shall not be collected. The donor has to keep in mind that clothes should not be thrown out of the houses because you don’t have enough space left for them in your wardrobes but due to the fact that there are people in your district who need them more than you do but the manner in which the clothes have to be given should be respectful.




 To implement “Project Insaniyat” we need workforce and although we will try to manage with the present workforce but it is decided that fresh Red Cross volunteers shall be recruited in the days to come which shall not only assist the Project but shall also give a chance to people to earn this experience especially Undergraduate students can participate as a two month Internship under Red Cross which helps them to create an interesting bio data required for University admissions.



  1. Minimum qualification: Class 12th
  2. Identification proof: Aadhar Card, Driving license, Voter I-card
  3. Application form

Red Cross office

DC Office complex, Salathia Chowk, Udhampur.

Contact: District Emergency Operation Centre 01992-272727/28

Email id :

District Administration Website:


  1. Collection/ receiving of food, books & clothes from the donors. This has to be done at the counter in the DH Sarai as no items shall be collected from homes/any other locations.
  2. Checking the standard of the items as torn or dirty books or clothes shall not be received. Clothes have to mandatorily be washed and ironed properly. Volunteer will have to monitor the stacking of clothes based on gender and age.
  3. Books and other stationery items are also required to be piled up class wise and item wise so that it’s easier to recover afterwards for distribution.
  4. Details of donors have to be noted down as per format so that after each quarter star donors are shortlisted and announced on the social media.

The facility for clothes and books shall be opened for three (03) hours only for donors and recipients both so the volunteers have just to work for 03 hours a day only but for all 07 days a week.