Sudh-Mahadev and Mantalai Temple  


                              This highly revered Shiva temple is located at a distance of 42 Kms from Patnitop and 112 Kms from Jammu ,Legend has it that after bathing at a spring called Gouri  Kund, just short of Sudh Mahadev ,the Goddess Parvati would worship the Shivling here that is believed to be at least 3000 years old .The temple also houses a black marble statue of local Shiva and Parvati .A trishul of Lord Shiva is also preserved here.Pilgrims in large number visit the shrine  on the full moon night Of Sawan to participate in the festival to  worship Lord Shiva. The mystical underground stream,Devak believed  to be as sacred as the Ganges originates at Sudh Mahadev and disappears among the rocks  some distance  downstream .Also of interest are wooden sculptures ,crafted locally, Accommodation is available in Tourist Saraj managed by J&K Tourism Development Corporation and Dharamshala managed by the Dharamarth Trust.

A few kilometers further  ahead  of Sudh Mahadev is Mantalai(1450 meters)  surrounded by lush deodar forests. As per legend ,it is the place where lord Shiva got married to goddess Parvati Besides the Shiv temple here one can also visit the complex created by Swami Dhirendra Brhamchari which includes a tree shaped house an air strip a hostel and a number of other unfinished project. An excursion through the woods to Naina Devi  5 Kms from Mantalai provides excellent views of the mountain  landscape all round.
At A Glance:
                      How to Reach:- By Bus or By Private Taxi
                      Distance from Udhampur:- 48 K.M. 
                      Where to Stay:- Pvt. Hotels or Dharamshaba
                      Local Specialty if any:- Makki di Roti with Saag
                      Nearest Railway Station:- Udhampur Railway Station (52 km) 
                      Places to visit:- Chenani Fort Complex created by Swami Dhirendra Brhamchari